6 Vegan Restaurants in Fairfax that Everyone Can Enjoy

Dietary restrictions, whether temporary or permanent, can seem challenging to accommodate. Fear not, these vegan restaurants in Fairfax can convert even the strictest vegan skeptics (at least for a while).

Instead of settling for one or two options on the menu for your veggie friends and family members, here are some of the best restaurants in Fairfax serving vegan food for everyone to enjoy.


1. True Food Kitchen

There’s a good chance you have heard the name True Food Kitchen before. This restaurant focuses on bringing a menu of dishes and ingredients that can make you feel better. Besides, True Food Kitchen is a perfect restaurant to find several vegan options. You will love their Korean noodles and the Unbeetable Burger.

You can find True Food Kitchen at 2910 District Ave Ste 170, Fairfax, VA 22031. Click here for directions.



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2. Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant

Although Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant isn’t entirely vegan as many items include eggs, most of their menu is vegan-friendly, and some are even gluten-free. You’ll love their shrimp, which consists of soy proteins and yams; when served with General Tso’s sauce, tastes excellent.

You can find Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant at 2531 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna, VA 22181. Click here for directions.


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3. Naked Lunch

If you know MOM’s Organic Market, it isn’t a surprise that Naked Lunch brings the same ingredients you love into their meals. Their several vegan meals include salad bowls mixed with rice, beans, and various other veggies.

However, for some, make sure to ask about the dressing since it might consist of dairy. Other best options for vegans is to include cauliflower tacos with vegan crema and hot salsa.

You can find Naked Lunch at 8298 Glass Alley, Fairfax, VA 22031. Click here for directions.

Naked Lunch Fairfax Virginia

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4. Busboys and Poets

Sometimes grabbing a meal is more than just eating. It also means finding local entertainment and a cozy spot to relax. That’s what Busboys and Poets is all about. Moreover, they have one location in Arlington and 5 in Washington, DC. You will find vegetable curry, vegan ‘tuna’ salad, and Moroccan two-bean soup best on their menu. Besides, they also have a vegan ‘chicken’ sandwich.

You can find Busboys and Poets at 4251 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206. Click here for directions.


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5. Flower Child

Flower Child is a new vegan restaurant in Fairfax. However, this doesn’t mean they are new to this business. Their menu’s best items include the Glow Bowl, Thai Dye warp, and the Indian-spiced cauliflower.

You can find Flower Child at 1656 Boro Pl, McLean, VA 22102. Click here for directions.


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6. JINYA Ramen Bar

JINYA is famous for its slow-cooked Ramens that they simmer for 10 hours. When you think of traditional Japanese, it might be hard to imagine a bowl that doesn’t have a meaty broth. But at JINYA Ramen Bar, it’s impossible. They feature vegan miso ramen that they top with soy meat, tofu, bean, and sprouts.

 Nevertheless, this bowl is enough to leave you full and satisfied. For this reason alone, JINYA is an excellent Japanese vegan restaurant in Fairfax.

You can find JINYA Ramen Bar at 2911 District Ave #140, Fairfax, VA 22031. Click here for directions.


Photo credits: dc.eater.com

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